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Recent Funded Deals

Refinance Loan

3140 32nd Avenue Sacramento, CAOwner purchased it with all cash, need to cash-out after the purchase. Challenger: units were still under renovation, no rental income yet. We funded with a Non-QM loan which carried a much lower rate than hard money loan.

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Fix and Flip Loan

2909 Stanton Street Berkeley, CA Acquisition Loan. Challenger: the house itself won’t pass through regular appraisal guild line. Therefore, the borrower won’t be able obtain conventional loan. We funded it up 80% LTV and provided 100% of the repair cost.

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Multi-unit Loan

Lots 30-32, Block 14, Del Norte Acres, TXDel Norte Acres is an apartment complex, and the borrower had run into difficulty finding a purchase loan for this complex. As the loan was too small, $260,000, and many investors did not care about the location. Pacific wide Lending found one of their investors and closed the deal.

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Second Loan

9 Miramonte Road, Carmel Valley, CABorrower wanted to find funding for a construction loan to build a house, but did not have good documentation. Pacificwide Lending set this client up with a loan and closed relatively fast with an institutional lender for a good rate.

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Multi-unit Loan

7 Paso Cresta, Carmel Valley, CA 93924This loan was for refinancing on a house, to finish the partial construction that was going on the home at the time. However, the borrower did not have strong tax returns, making this twice as hard to find funding.Here at Pacificwide Lending, we found funding and the borrower completed…

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Raw Land Loan

1217 48th Ave., Oakland, CABeing an unusual type of business it was difficult to find lenders and no local lenders were interested in this endeavor. (Borrower wanted to purchase land to build a warehouse for cannabis.)However, Pacificwide Lending, had an investor and the loan was completed.

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Foreign National Loan

1731 Germano Way, Pleasanton, CAThis house was a construction project that needed a construction loan. As the borrower was the person intending to build, and, also a foreigner to the U.S., it was difficult to find a lender under these circumstances.Pacific wide Lending matched an investor with this borrower and the project was completed.

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Shopping Plaza Loan

825 College Blvd., Suites 102-614, Oceanside, CAThis is a “mixed-use” property. Unfortunately, many lenders do not care for this sort of transaction that has very few comps.Here at Pacificwide Lending, we were able to have one of our investors take on this kind of loan, and we closed the deal in 43 days

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Construction Loan

44631 Highland PL, Fremont, CA 94539Developer had begun construction, but is in urgent need of additional funding so that he can finish this project. I understood the urgency, so we found two investors to fund this project, and escrow closed in about 10 days

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Warehouse Loan

2830 Ford St, Oakland, CA 94610Borrower needed extra funding to improve this property. However, the warehouse is currently vacant with no income stream, it was difficult for any investor to be interested in putting money in. We funded it to pay off the existing first and second loan, plus additional money to improve the property.

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No Document Investment Property Loan

552 Cecil St. Monterey Park, CA 91775Most hard money investors will only fund up to 70% LTV. However, this borrower was shot of funds. We located and investor who was willing to fund 80% LTV and funded it with only BPO (no appraisal.)

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Cash Flow Investment Loan

1400 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103We used the rental amount to refinance the hard money purchase loan and cut the interest in half for this 5 unit’s high rise building in the heart of San Francisco.

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